What Matters Most

Locally Sourced Timber
While delivering goals of sustainability, we choose to source 100% local timbers. Working in hand with nature, all our timber off cut get reduced into Bio-Char for soil amendments, allowing us to hit goals of Zero Waste and setting the bar of what home construction should be.
Heritage Craftsmanship
Using globally recognized techniques, we play our part in preserving and mastering the art of heritage building. Custom build's to any level of complexity can be designed and engineered from our professionals.
Attention to Detail
Timber framing is a craft that is known for its beauty and aesthetic appeal. Often considered works of art, with their exposed beams and intricate joinery, attention to detail is crucial in creating a visually breathtaking appeal.
Extreme Precision
Thoughtful planning and execution to the highest standards is the key to the structural integrity of our timber frames. Using finely honed precision tools and traditional techniques are essential to our craft to achieve the desired result.
One Project at a Time
With our “one project at a time mentality” you can just sit back and focus on whats important in life. Our company welcomes your project to receive the undivided attention it deserves, start to finish.

Who We Are

Precision Timber Frames is a family run timber framing company located in the mountains of Nelson, BC. With a team of skilled craftsmen who share their passion of fine woodworking and heritage preservation. We strive to create beautiful, functional, and unique spaces that will last for generations. Our timber frames are crafted using traditional techniques and the finest materials. Each frame is custom designed to meet the unique needs and preferences of our clients. We work closely with our clients throughout the entire process. From design to installation, we ensure that every detail is perfect. Come experience the feelings you'll get when things naturally fall into place.

Meet The Owner

Owned and operated by Dylan Rogers. After many years working in the industry, Precision Timber Frames has become his passion project. His vision is to demonstrate that true quality in the building world of today is still possible. Through conscious craftsmanship, his values revolve around being sustainable, ethical, and mindful, which he believes results in a higher quality finished product.

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