PRECISION TIMBER FRAMES is a specialized timber framing construction company located in the mountains of Nelson, BC. Our focus is preserving the heritage of timber framing through expert craftsmanship and sustainable designs. Together, we can bring your vision to life.
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About Precision

Locally Sourced Timber

While delivering the highest level of conscious craftsmanship, we choose to source 100% local timbers and work in hand with nature, setting the bar of what home construction should be.

Heritage Craftsmanship

Using wood joinery techniques globally recognized, we play our part in preserving and mastering heritage building techniques. Custom build's to any level of complexity can be designed and engineered from our professionals.

Attention to Detail

It’s the precision required that allows these structurally sound frames to not only achieve that look you’re going for, but to outlast modern construction used today.

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Our Projects

Not limited to new home construction...
Our additional services may include home and garden improvements such as: Bridges, Pergolas, Entrance Ways, Workshops, and more.
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